Dear Valued Customer & Supplier,

We are writing this letter to keep you updated on what we are doing to help prevent the community spread of COVID-19. It is really important we stay well informed on a daily basis and identify the potential risks to everyone.

1. All staff have been advised to minimise any contact with large crowds of people.

2. We have changed to a dispensary system for paper towels, soap etc in bathrooms.

3. A sanitiser dispenser has been installed at the entry to the building along with a STOP sign advising people not to enter should they have been on any Domestic or International flights or have been in contact with anyone who has been on Domestic or International flights.

4. All couriers now have a drop box outside the building to leave parcels and collect (No Couriers are to enter the premises for the time being).

5. Disinfectant surface spray is throughout the workplace and offices along with hand sanitiser in every vehicle.

6. We will have minimal face to face contact with our suppliers / customers & contractors but still maintain that important relationship between them (phone, email, video conference).

7. All our print products will now be couriered directly to the client without having to collect as some do from our offices.

8. Attending site meetings / works, everyone has been advised to be vigilant in maintaining clean tools and equipment and follow the Ministry of Health guidelines for a safer environment.

It has become a very testing time for us all. More than ever we all must play our part in doing our bit to stop the flow of COVID-19.

We must support one another both in personal and business. As information comes to hand, we will remain committed to ensuring the safety of everyone.


Neil Richardson

Director Reflecticon Ltd